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In the Depth of Winter

As winter winds down, let's keep our kids busy. Show them the oldies. Let them take virtual tours of museums.

Get them involved in an online theatre program. Even better, Sparkle On Stage has an in-person, socially distanced acting class.

Make sure they keep practicing their instruments. Encourage them to teach themselves how to make use of all the programs that come already installed in their computers like Garage Band or Medley or Groovepad and Movie Maker and Vixer and Story and Drawing Desk and Photoshop, or whatever free apps they can use to enhance their cameras for video, music or artmaking. Take up that dance challenge.

I’ve been working on my Spanish, French and Italian watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime with the subtitles set to the language they are in. Some pretty intriguing stuff as well as some silly ones, like Half Brothers on Prime. I recommend Lupin on Netflix– which is French and really great sort of Heist/Revenge TV series. One Night in Miami looks like some well-acted historical fiction on Prime. Outside The Wire is getting a lot of attention on Netflix, so I will give those a try in the coming weeks.

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