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Sparkle on Stage
Cultural Arts Center

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Providing a home for the arts
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Sparkle on Stage, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to empower, enrich and entertain our community by providing a home for the cultural arts.

Our organization is composed of community members who are dedicated to the arts and want to create new opportunities for artistic endeavors in our area.

We provide a  venue for people to come together to perform, exhibit and enjoy all forms of artistic expression.  Sparkle on Stage features local talent, giving them the opportunity to reach a broader audience.  We believe art is ageless and should be available to all.  Our center enriches the physical, economic, social and cultural aspects of our village as well as provides a vital forum for community engagement.  We are continuing the rich tradition of entertainment that began with the vaudeville stars of the early 1900s and, of course, big band leader Guy Lombardo.

As part of our fundraising efforts, we offer a wide variety of membership opportunities. Your support is vital to keeping our doors open and family-friendly entertainment on the famous Nautical Mile of Freeport.  

Upcoming Events

"The arts empower. The arts give a voice to the voiceless. The arts help transform American communities and . . . the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world." ~ Robert L. Lynch, President, Americans for the Arts

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