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Cultural Arts Center

Our Story

Sparkle on Stage, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to Empower, Enrich and Entertain our community by providing a home for the cultural arts.  We are composed of community members who are dedicated to the arts.  Our center enriches the physical, economic, social, and cultural aspects of our community.  In addition, we provide a vital forum for community engagement.

What We Do

Making A Difference

Performance Artist


As a community cultural arts center, Sparkle on Stage accommodates a variety of productions and exhibits.  The venue is used by casual participants as well as professionals, where any member of the community can have an outlet for their craft. Our mission is to provide spaces at rates that are affordable for the performer and the audience.



Sparkle on Stage provides quality musical, cultural, and informational programming that celebrates and expresses the diversity of our Long Island community. In turn, we provide an outlet for voices in the community that may otherwise go unheard.

Sound Equipment


Sparkle on Stage offers a place to learn about the arts. Children and adults can participate in mentoring programs, career-building activities and gain experiences in the arts, including training in backstage and back-office positions, including lighting, audio-visual, costume and set design, ticket sales, bookkeeping, marketing and publicity.

Theater Lights


Sparkle on Stage's cultural art center is a safe and stimulating place to channel the energy and creativity that exists in our communities.  Our advocacy for the arts makes us a vital and creative resource for our residents as well as provides employment opportunities.

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