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Happy Holidays to All of You Sparkly People!

So, what shall we do to entertain ourselves this holiday season?

So, it turns out that one can livestream theatre. You pay prices like Broadway, but, one ticket per household. Everybody can sit in the comfort of their own living room, with the big flat screen and the surround sound WITH SNACKS AND DRINKS. No souvenir cups and t-shirts though. This is a way that some theatre companies are managing these strange times.

Some cool Christmas shows are: Old Vic: A Christmas Carol; Irish Rep: Meet Me in St. Louis; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre: Revelations; Metropolitan Opera: Porgy and Bess and (OMG we have to do this) Marie’s Crisis Virtual Piano Bar.

What are you watching? So many cool things on the different streaming services:

Disney plus has The Mandalorian – I just can’t get enough of that Baby Yoda. Marvel's 616 Changing the Multiverse. A remake of The Right Stuff – it better be good, ‘cause I loved that movie.

Amazon Prime has a period piece called Uncle Frank that looks interesting, but I’m going to start The Wilds because it looks like a female Lord of the Flies meets Lost.

But Netflix is killin’ it, as usual. First of all, for us theatre freaks – Prom. Meryl, James, Nicole, Kerry, Andrew, Keegan-Michael … fantastic. I recommend a wide screen. Too much fun. As I write, I’m watching the trailer for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom with Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman – looks like a must-see.

I was really planning to go into Manhattan over the school break to visit some museums, as is my holiday custom, but I think I may have to rethink – for the reason we are all tired of hearing, but still afraid of, yet in this blog, from now until forever will remain nameless. But if a miracle declared the city safe tomorrow, I would go see “Cinematic Illumination” by Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver at MoMA, which is a 360 degree recreation of the 60’s underground Tokyo disco, Killer Joe’s.

Have a fantastic holiday – and keep it small. Pray to the theatre gods for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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