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Dipping Your Toes into the Possibilities

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Welcome Fall!

Summer’s over and I kinda feel two ways about that. I love summer – all of it – from the, “but why is it still cold?” to the, “why is there sand in my…?”, “OMG, I can’t breathe it’s so hot – the air conditioning feels like a dog spitting through a fan”, to “when is this mosquito bite going to heal?”

We missed a lot this summer. No concerts, no shows, distanced outdoor gatherings, while more fun than nothing, really didn’t carry the oomph that our normal summers do. Kudos to everyone who tried to make the best of a really crappy situation.

So many people got really crafty, or really fit, or really fat. I know I tried lots of new recipes and I made an effort to incorporate vegan recipes into every meal. Veganism has become a trend on both sides of the family. Of course, the omnivores are still die hard – and I am one of them. No matter what, steak on the grill, softshell crabs, barbeque of any kind is going to turn me into a cartoon character that floats on the smell and brings me to the table.

I saw that lots of people got new pets – of course, some of those people had no idea what they were in for, and I pray that those people don’t give up and give away those babies. Our friends who foster animals for the different rescue groups in the area were truly overwhelmed at the beginning of the lockdown and more baby animals have been born since then.

Online entertainment was pretty interesting this year. I’m not sure if we got into it because it was really good, or because we had no choice, but, either way, I saw some stuff that I might not have if I hadn’t been “imprisoned”. So I have a few recommendations for those who are all the way back out there, those who are dipping their toes into the possibility of getting within 10 feet of other people, and for those who still have no intention of leaving their cocoon:

For the little ones –

When you start online kindergarten, it’s kind of hard to focus. Let me recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. This crazy British lady tells the stories (with great green screen stuff) of your favorite kid movies while taking kids through some basic yoga poses. The videos run from 15 minutes to an hour. Your kid can get all the wiggles out of their system and get centered in time to log on with their class.

My college age (just graduated!!!!) kids have been giving me playlists of new music to listen to while I walk the dog. Some are good, some…, but you know, you have to remain open and let the art flow over you… I encourage you to listen to something new, from an artist you never heard of before. I am thrilled that Janelle Monae is blowing up all over the place, and it’s really sweet that Alicia Keys has made a whole new album dedicated to first responders and essential workers, but, we know there is new music from new artists all over the place.

Are you ready to go to a museum? In NYC? They are open again. Some of them are by appointment only – unless you are a member – so check online before you go. There are some cool things to see that have been waiting for you:

Fotografiska New York – which is housed in the landmark Church Mission Building on Park Avenue South and 22nd Street. This is the New York branch of the famous Stockholm photography museum and it is fabulous! Not only does it have super cool and trippy photo installations and exhibitions, but they have classes and lectures. Fujifilm sponsors Foto Walks , and Family Fun Days where a photographer takes you out on the street with cameras to learn some new photo techniques. Kinda cool. Check it out online at

I just finished watching a totally amazing series on Netflix – and I must warn you, it takes up a lot of headspace. It’s called Giri/Haji or Duty/Shame. It’s a crime drama that goes back and forth between Tokyo and London and it is addicting. Confusing. Beautifully shot. Really nuanced performances. Heartbreaking. Amazing. Just one season.

Are you dreaming of travelling again? I am. I follow all kinds of travelers and travel magazines on Instagram and I also listen to a couple of travel podcasts that give recommendations. My daughter, whose wanderlust has not been extinguished by the lockdown (I think she has been to 5 or 6 states in spite of it) has created, in her boredom, 4 or 5 month-long itineraries in different countries based on recommendations and research. As for me, I have this dream of hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. With all the hiking I have done during the quarantine, I think I’m ready.

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