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Local Author Supports Sparkle

Sparkle on Stage is excited to welcome Freeport's very own Debi Allen to our storytime stage. She has written a delightful children's book, "Emma: Her Adventures in New York City", which is available for purchase at our space. Debi is generously donating a portion of all sales of these copies to our cultural arts center.

About the Author

Hi. I'm Debi Allen and I'm the author of this children's book "Emma Her Adventures in New York City". It has always been a passion of mine to write children’s books. I have raised 3 children and know that they love colorful stories with animals and adventure. As an Author, I enjoy expressing my personality through my writing to bring laughter and colorful illustrations of how life can be lived.

My inspiration to write this book was when I met Emma, who is a real dog, and her dad who would take her all over New York City. And being the friendly dog that she is, Emma socialized with everyone. I want children to see that getting along with everyone of every culture is important and to live life with purpose and excitement. More books are coming in this series, so enjoy the story and happy reading!

Emma is a friendly pup who lives in a brownstone in a cozy New York neighborhood full of trees and furry friends. There is nothing she loves more than living her best life and encouraging her doggie pals to do the same.

One day after she decides to explore the city, Emma sets out on a journey filled with exciting experiences like seeing her first Broadway musical, buying a bright spring coat, meeting a friend for lunch at a hot dog stand, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and chasing a ball and rolling in the grass Central Park.

In this colorfully illustrated tale, an independent dog goes on the adventure of her life to embrace all the social and cultural experiences that New York City has to offer. Everyone loves a friendly dog and that is exactly what Emma is and more. As Emma starts her day, she eats breakfast and cleans up before exploring New York City. She has a curiosity that drives her to be adventurous, learn and socialize with different dogs and children of different races. She gets along with everyone. As an independent, adventurous and energetic dog, she encourages her doggie pals to do exactly what she is doing. She believes in inspiring others. She is an example of how we can live life to the fullest!

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